Jennifer Wickes is a freelance food writer, recipe developer and award-winning cook.  Her expertise lies in Anglo-Celtic cuisine and its adaptation through migration and local ingredients. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

IMG_0003Jennifer A. Wickes has always had an interest in different cultures, countries, cooking and languages. Her mother, who was raised in Argentina, fueled her interests. Despite not being raised bilingual, she heard her mother speak Spanish almost daily with friends and family, and introduced Jennifer to her English / Irish / Scottish / Swedish heritage.

By the early age of nine, she began cooking and, later, enrolled in a Food and Nutrition course offered through her school, participating in the program for the next five years. That course taught her everything from basic cooking and baking techniques, to choosing cuts of meat, selecting pots and pans, cooking foods for health reasons (diabetes, pregnancy etc.) and kitchen design. She received a certificate from this program. She, also, experimented with languages, studying French for seven years, as well as Latin for four years. While in college, she majored in Spanish with a minor in Cultural Anthropology and became a member of Sigma Delta Pi, a national Spanish honor society.

Having lived in a variety of locations both in the USA (the Mid West, the South, the West Coast and the East Coast) and abroad (Bermuda and Argentina) greatly fueled her passion for food and culture.

Many people in her family share her love for food. Her brother holds a degree in Restaurant Management; she had an uncle that retired as a food broker; another uncle is a food importer; her grandfather was in the meat-packing industry; her mother organized parties and social gatherings as fundraisers; and many other family members who really enjoy cooking and eating!

She also has many friends and extended family from other cultures.  Their suggestions of movies, books, music, recipes and cultural tidbits continue to motivate Jennifer to continue to share her findings in her articles.

Her work has appeared in publications such as: Bon Appetit magazine, Cook’s Country, The Library Journal, and Garden Plate. In her spare time, which is rare, she enjoys watching foreign films, reading (travelogues), listening to world music and making friends from other countries. She enjoys travelling, beading jewelry and bookmarks, as well as making her own beauty products.  Check out my other site!


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